Brandon Nelson


Brandon is a political organizer at heart. His passion for politics began in high school as an advocate for Florida’s youth tobacco prevention program. In addition to lobbying his state legislature on behalf of the tobacco prevention program, Brandon’s political involvement has included work on local political campaigns as well as state and federal/national races. His involvement in local politics includes being a member of the Orange County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) as a precinct committeeman, and working to ensure his fellow peers are educated about the issues that affect them daily. Brandon has worked on various campaigns in the Orlando area, including managing a robust voter registration program for Southwest Orlando and managing a highly successful voter outreach program on a college campus during the 2016 election. In 2016, he was elected to serve as a Congressional District level delegate for Hillary Clinton & helped to nominate her as the first woman to ever be nominated by a major political party for President. 
Brandon’s hobbies include spending time with & traveling with his husband, playing trumpet in the local LGBTQ+ community band, & hanging out with friends. 

Matthew Inman

Vice President

Matthew has fifteen years of experience in project management, process improvement, and business analysis. He has built a career around always being the person to find ways to do things smarter while leveraging technology for what it was intended for. The ease of communication and the ability to work effectively within your organization. This approach has allowed employers to streamline many of their operations. Thus allowing organizations the ability to find the necessary time for side projects that could be vital to the organizations long term goals. In addition, allowing colleagues to balance their home and work life more effectively. Something that we all are having a hard time finding in today’s modern work environment.
Matthew currently works at The Institute of Internal Auditors as a Project Manager and Business Analyst. He also is serving on his Homeowners Association Board of Directors for six years now, was a Fellow for Hillary for America Campaign, and volunteers from time-to-time at the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Jack Nelson


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Sammy Conde


Sammy has had a lifelong passion for community building and working for an Orange County, Florida, and America, that works for all. It was through their involvement in a faith community and extra-curricular that is open and inclusive that Sammy found their passion for social justice and working to improve the community. From that, Sammy grew competencies in public speaking, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, and grassroots work. After completing their secondary schooling at the local Winter Park High School, Sammy attended Heidelberg University and earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science.
Since then, Sammy has volunteered for the Obama 2012 Campaign, the Sanders 2016 Primary Campaign, the 2018 campaigns of Carlos Guillermo Smith, the coordinated campaign for Florida Senator Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum, and Anna Eskamani. They also did an internship in Flint, MI to advocate for water quality.

Rafael E Piñero, MD


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Margo Dixon


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