As LGBTQ+ Democrats, it is equally important for us to champion the values of our community, raise up the voices of LGBTQ+ and Ally candidates running for office in Orange County, and drag bigotry out into the light and hold those responsible accountable, regardless of their political party. As such, Rainbow Democrats actively endorses in Orange County races and we encourage you to consider our endorsements when making your decisions at the ballot box.

Per our bylaws, Rainbow Democrats can endorse in primaries, elections, and runoffs within Orange County. Endorsements in statewide primaries, elections, and runoffs are handled by the Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus.

2021 Orlando City Commission Endorsements

After a careful review of statements made in our candidate questionnaire, support, and legislative records, the Caucus membership voted to endorse Commissioner Regina Hill for City of Orlando Commissioner District 5 and Nicolette Springer for City of Orlando Commissioner District 3.

You may review the questionnaire submissions from all candidates using the links below.