Special thanks go to TransSOCIAL, Inc. for compiling this information.

In order to vote in Florida, you will need to present one of the following forms of Photo ID:

Florida drivers license or Florida State ID

Military ID

Debit or Credit Card

Federal Employee ID Card

U.S. Passport

Student ID

Public Assistance ID

Concealed Weapon License

Your ID must include your photo and your signature. If it does not have your signature, you will be asked to provide additional ID. If you do not have it, you are still allowed to cast a provisional ballot.

On Election Day, it’s also helpful to bring:

Your Voter Registration card

Additional forms of ID

A Utility Bill showing your address

Your legal name change paperwork
(if you have one)

Additional information On Election Day

The name and address on your voter registration must match the name and address on your ID.

The law does NOT require your gender presentation to match your name, photo, or gender marker on your ID.

If you did not update your name and/or gender marker on your voter registration, ask for an AFFIRMATION FORM from the poll worker to affirm your identity. They must allow you to vote.

If you are given a PROVISIONAL BALLOT to vote, make sure that you ask for follow-up instructions so your ballot is counted.

If you are not allowed to vote, ask to speak to a volunteer attorney at the polling place. If no one is around, or if you feel your rights have been violated, call the National Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-687-8683. They can also help you make sure your provisional ballot is counted.