We will be having a few speakers at our meeting on March 11th. One candidate speaker, and 2 Field Organizers with the Biden and Sanders Presidential campaigns. We hope you will be able to join us. Please see below for the information about our featured candidate speaker: Nina Yoakum.

Nina Yoakum

Candidate for House District 50

Nina Yoakum is a 25-year Orange County resident and mother of three who has extensively served her community and enacted positive change for everyday Floridians.

A former Orange County Public Schools substitute teacher and mental health professional, Nina’s passion for education has marked her community involvement. In fact, as an active member of “United for a Middle School,” she pushed relevant stakeholders to address overcrowding in our local public schools, successfully ensuring the creation of Timber Springs Middle School. In addition, throughout her life, Nina has been an active leader at our local schools, serving as a member of the School Advisory Council (SAC) and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at Avalon Elementary, Avalon Middle, and Timber Creek High schools. In these roles, she advocated against the overuse of standardized testing in our education system and spearheaded a program to honor elementary school students with exemplary behavior in extracurriculars. Due to her effective advocacy, Nina currently serves as an appointed member of the OCPS Calendar Committee.

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