Happy Thanksgiving from the Rainbow Democrats Board of Directors!

As families across the country start to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday to eat delicious food & connect with extended family, let us be thankful for the bonds we’ve created with friends and family through camaraderie and mutual interests. As this begins the official start to the holiday season, let us be reminded that many LGBTQ+ individuals are isolated from their families due to the ignorance, intolerance, and bigotry for living their truth. Let us give pause to the LGBTQ+ youth, whose families have kicked them out simply for being who they are, and as a result, are oftentimes left homeless. Some may finally gather the strength and courage to have that sometimes uncomfortable coming out conversation to family, often struggling with how to handle the prospect of rejection.

Finally, as we prepare to cook Thanksgiving meals, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, watch the football game, and/or catch up with friends & family; let us all be thankful for the straight allies in our lives who not only open up their hearts but also their homes to LGBTQ+ people who may not have a place to go for the holiday due to being ostracized from an unaccepting & even sometimes hostile family. Without the support of our allies, we would not be able to continue to make strides for full equality by changing hearts and minds & having those at times difficult conversations where we must continue to speak our truth to power.

Happy Thanksgiving, & may we all continue to make valuable memories that will last a lifetime.

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