In the race for Orlando City Commissioner District 6, the voters chose Bakari Burns as the best candidate to replace Commissioner Sam Ings. Ings resigned his Commission seat to run for Orlando Mayor during the November 5th election.

There were originally 3 candidates for the District 6 seat on the November 5th ballot: Gary Siplin, Lawanna Gelzer, and Bakari Burns. Gelzer was eliminated on the November 5th election with 14.63% of the vote, and neither Bakari Burns (45.92% of the vote) nor Gary Siplin (39.45% of the vote) won 50% of the vote, which prompted a runoff election between them.

With his career based in healthcare, Bakari best stands to serve District 6 well. As the CEO of Orange Blossom Family Health, he helped provide services that include working with the Zebra Coalition to find Bridge housing for LGBTQ+ homeless youth. It is with his willingness to advocate for protections for LGBTQ+ homeless youth, and improve the healthcare conditions in our community is one of the many reasons District 6 chose him to lead.

On behalf of the Rainbow Democrats, Congratulations to Commissioner-elect Bakari Burns!

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