July 13, 2020

ORLANDO, FL – Today, the Rainbow Democrats caucus have announced their endorsement of Nina Yoakum, candidate for Florida House of Representatives District 50.

Rainbow Democrats President Brandon Nelson issued the following statement on the Caucus’ endorsement:

“I believe that because of her commitment to progressive Democratic values, Nina Yoakum will be a valuable asset to Orange County residents in the Florida legislature. Having Nina in the legislature along side the powerful voices of Representative Anna Eskamani, Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith, Senator Linda Stewart and other Democratic leaders will help Floridians by putting more of a focus on the issues Democrats have been championing for years. Her strong commitment to equality for all Floridians, her willingness to stand up for passing common sense gun safety legislation, and her unwavering support of environmental issues has earned her the endorsement of the Rainbow Democrats caucus. Her experience as an educator and a mental health professional will help drive those important conversations surrounding mental health, the banning of conversion therapy, and about our education system. Nina will be a servant to her community and a great advocate for Floridians in Tallahassee.”

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