ORLANDO, FL – Today, the Rainbow Democrats caucus have announced another round of endorsements just a few days before the August 18 primary election.

Rainbow Democrats President Brandon Nelson issued the following statement on the Caucus’ endorsement:

In the race for Orange County School Board District 7, our members endorsed incumbent school board member Melissa Byrd. Also endorsed by Equality Florida, Byrd is an ally and an advocate for the LGBTQ community. Byrd helped the OCPS pass a resolution that protects LBGTQ students in Orange County, and she is proud of that accomplishment. So much so, that every school marquee in the district displayed messages that the schools are a safe place for our community. Byrd also supports workplace protections – ensuring that no one is fired or retaliated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and will continue to work hard to ensure Orange County Public Schools is a welcoming environment.

We look forward to having Melissa Byrd continue to serve on the Orange County School board along side allied voices such as Dr. Karen Castor Dentel. Their tireless commitment to protecting the rights of our community are paramount to achieving full equality.

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